Traffic Shapping

In this situation I am about to implement data over a private fiber network
in my town. Many businesses are planning to connect to this private fiber
network for internet access and I want to sell Fractional usage on this
private fiber network in 128k increments. I want to only limit their speed
to the outside world, allowing them full Ethernet speed over the fiber to
our local mail and proxy servers. We plan to use a cabletron switch to
connect about 30-40 pairs of fiber to our network. That switch will be going
FDDI back to my noc.

So the best place to limit this is at the router where my internet
connection comes in. Which is currently a Cisco 3640. I have thought about
using a Aponet or Xedia box in between my FDDI switch and the router, but I
would rather to the shaping on the router if possible. We would need to
traffic shape up to 30-40 Ethernet speed users and 15-20 wireless users in
the area. From the talk on this list about this, I do not think my Cisco
router can do it. I will probably go ahead with an Aponet or Xedia solution.