Traffic billing - L2 encap to include or not?

Weber, Markus a �crit :

We all have our billing systems for traffic (bought, downloaded or home made, volume based or usage). We all got hit by fancy SNMP
bugs of various vendors and we all suffer from the fact, that SNMP
counters do not carry a time stamp, when they had been taken from
the ASICs, causing a slight derivation. [...]

So, is L2 encapsulation (e.g. Ethernet) considered as framing characters
or not?


To my point of view, if you base your billing from L2 encapsulation you gonna bill your customers on local networks problems like, problems on L2 frames, padding (as you explain).

These kind of problematic (again to my point of view) is the problem of the provider and not of the customer who buy IP traffic and not L2 traffic.