TrACESroute 6.0 release

Announcing the All New TrACESroute 6.0 GOLD!

At the suggestion of several nanog readers, my traceroute 2.9.4 has been
renumbered to The All New TrACESroute 6.0 GOLD. Note that this is a
higher revision level than either Netscape 4.8, IE5, or AOL 5, and is
therefore the clearly superior software.*

New features:
  1. Parallel packets allow instant O(1) traceroutes! -P
           Out of beta and into production

  2. Allow unnatural masks for full CIDR compatibility.
           (-DFORCE_NATURAL_MASK overrides)

    3. Various bugfixes, segfault fixes, FreeBSD fixes, bounds checks,
* In the United Kingdom, please consider this superiour software.

the file:
the readme:
the faq:

Ehud Gavron, Technical Director
RMI.NET Southwest Region
Affiliation for identification purposes only