Traceroute from within Colombia?

Sorry to spam the list with this, but I have a problem that I can’t otherwise solve for myself.

If anyone is able to perform traceroutes to the following addresses _from within Colombia_ and email me the results, I’d very much appreciate it, and will owe a favor.

These are all anycast addresses, so traceroutes performed from machines outside Colombia won’t help me, unfortunately, since they’d be going to other anycast instances. And yes, I’ve already looked for public looking-glasses and traceroute servers; the three I was able to find were all offline. For those who are curious, these are nameservers which may be reachable through NAP Colombia, and I’m trying to verify that.

Much appreciated, and my apologies for using the list this way.



  I went and quickly created a traceroute to the first one
with RIPE Atlas credits for you.

  Let me know if you need some, I have a few tens of millions of
credits that I will give out to people who need them.

  - Jared

Three more from atlas.

But I would think PCH has resources to procure and host a RIPE anchor node.
The amount of credits accrued from a single anchor should be enough for all
your testing needs.

If you are not familiar enough with RIPE Atlas, please create an account
and I will transfer you 100.000 credits so you can play around.

Good luck.

PCH does host Atlas nodes. We used the Colombian Atlas nodes, but they weren't sufficient to show what we needed to show. We've collected ten sets of trace routes so far, including those from the three Atlas nodes that were active in Colombia.