Trace Sites

Last week someone posted to this list about compiling a list of various
hosts on various networks which accept ICMP/UDP packets for traceroutes.
The purpose of this list was for network engineers (or similar) to have a
resource of "traceroute-able" hosts for diagnostics, troubleshooting,
testing, etc...

I replied to the individual who originally posted the idea, but have not
heard anything from him. I would like to pick up this idea, as it could be
a very useful resource.

All would get out of it what you put into it. Meaning, the list of hosts
should be opt-in only -- if you're responsible for a host, add it to the
list. If you don't want your host(s) on the list, don't add 'em.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, please email me off-list and I'll
re-post to the list in a week or so with the compiled status.