[torix-ops] Fabric Issues Update

Netelligent's sessions are also down to allow for troubleshooting
without disrupting customer traffic, and we'll turn back up once TORIX
indicates everything is okay.

For any members who might have a usage-based billing for carrier
transport to TORIX, it is worth mentioning that if you see extra
"junk" traffic coming to your port, it is likely your transport
provider would bill you for this traffic even though it is not bound
for your router. For example, I see about 350Mbps of "junk" right now
with our BGP sessions down, so if we had to pay per-Megabit for
backhaul it would push that figure up for the month.

If a member in this situation wanted to avoid a larger bill they would
need to turn down their port in order to avoid being charged for the
traffic, as deactivating BGP obviously only affects your "good"
ingress and not the "junk."