TOR fiber patch panels

I'm looking for better Top-Of-Rack fiber patch panels than the ones
I've been using up to this point. I'm looking for something that is
1U, holds 12 to 24 strands of SC, ST, or LC, has fiber jumper
management rings, and has a door that doesn't interfere with the U
below (a server might be mounted immediately below the fiber patch
panel). I prefer one that doesn't have a sliding mechanism, because
I've had issues with fiber installers not installing those properly,
causing fiber to be crunched and broken when the tray is slid out/in
during patching. Of course, I would still like one that is easy to
get your fingers into to install and remove fiber jumpers.

Does such a thing exist? What are people's favorite fiber patch


Have you looked at anything from Clear Field, just as an example
something like this.

Might also want to take a look at stuff from Cablesys:

Only requirement from below missing is they don't usually have doors. I'm
not sure much in a 1U panel does these days.

Panduit also has some very similar parts.


FWIW, you can get 1U 48-pair LC patch panels, or, you can get Keystone
panels and LC duplex snapins. I believe Panduit, among others make
these products.

I've used them in the past. The snapins and the panels both expect an LC
termination of the back side fiber as well. They don't provide protection or
spooling trays.

Panels that provide protection and/or spooling trays don't work well in 1U
in my experience.