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Alan Hannan wrote:

  Yes, I do believe the bw will increase, I don't believe the next
  resource (after IP space and IP routes) for us to run out of is
  bandwidth. Sure, there's a crunch now, but we'll all just raise
  our rates and buy bigger pipes.

Bandwidth increases in both within the US and in bandwidth-starved
countries, but will the price ratio go down?

Currently, the $$$ our ISP pays to get 128 Kbps connectivity is
enough to get more than a dozen T1's in the US, and even a T3
perhaps. And people ask here why they can't get unlimited access for
$20 monthly.

On the other hand, labor costs are cheap --- among the
biggest customers for E1 lines to the US are offshore programming

So how about a bandwidth for workforce swap? :slight_smile: