topological closeness....


Gopi K Garge wrote:

  IMHO, in the context of the AP region, I guess we are overlooking the
  user perspective - locally available "Internet" content. Barring
  .au, .sg, .kr, .hk (?), .jp and .tw, I do not see any major effort
  around to provide locally, content that is available in the US
  be it the GNU archive, the WU archive or one-of-those Beatles
  song and lyrics archive - result - good amount of traffic to the

With limited bandwidth, updating these archives would be slow,
and, you wouldn't know yet if there are enough people accessing
these to justify getting a mirror.

Caching should help getting commonly requested information faster.

      When one sees such traffic trends, why would an ISP even think in
      terms of investing in a link to a place other than the US - the cost
  permitting ?

In the long term, as the Internet becomes more common, regional content
will become more important, IMHO. So develop the local content -
and the local infrastructure - and regional intranets, and virtual
private networks - will come in.