Topics for NANOG 39 - Feb 4-7 in Toronto

These presentations have been accepted for NANOG 39, to be held
on February 4-7, 2007 in Toronto.

See for registration and other information.

General Session:
   sFlow - Why you should use it and like it - Richard A Steenbergen,
     nLayer Communications

   4-Byte ASNs - The View from the Old BGP World - Geoff Huston, APNIC

   Deployment of 32 bit AS Numbers - Henk Uijterwaal, RIPE NCC

   Beyond 200 Gbps - Niels Bakker, AMS-IX

   Lightning talks - by you! (details to follow)

Research Forum:
   A Technical Approach to Net Neutrality - Xiaowei Yang, UC Irvine

   How to Update Wireshark (Ethereal) - Aamer Akhter, cisco Systems

   BGP Troubleshooting Techniques - Philip Smith, Cisco Systems

   IP Mulitcast/Multipoint for IPTV (and beyond) - Toerless Eckert,
     cisco systems

   Best Practices for Determining the Traffic Matrix in IP Networks -
     Thomas Telkamp, Cariden technologies, Inc.

   NetFlow to guard the infrastructure - a tutorial - yann berthier

   PGP Key Signing - Joe Abley or appropriate stand-in goon

   How to Host a NANOG Meeting - Joe Abley et al.

   Peering BOF XIV - Bill Norton,

   IPv6 Network Operators BOF - Stewart Bamford

   Pushing the FIB limits, perspectives on pressures confronting
     modern routers. - Joel Jaeggli

The meeting will follow the usual Sunday through Wednesday format:

   Sunday Feb. 4,
   - Afternoon: Newcomers reception and community meeting

   Monday Feb. 5
   - Morning: General session
   - Afternoon: Tutorials and BOFs
   - Evening: Beer & Gear reception

   Tuesday Feb. 6
   - Morning: General session
   - Afternoon: Tutorials and BOFs
   - Evening: Informal BOFs (meeting room signup on site)

   Wednesday, Feb. 7
   - Morning: General session

The meeting will end at lunchtime on Wednesday.

More topics will be announced, and a preliminary agenda published,
by January 12, 2007.