Top Level Domain Servers

>After reading the commentaries about top level domain servers
>and their reality or mythical status, I went on a search of a
>list of the present "." and top-level servers.


This is nice, but it's not canonical.

When someone asks a question like this, please give the canonical answer.


[all-purpose-gunk!jhawk] /etc/namedb> head -20 named.root
; This file holds the information on root name servers needed to
; initialize cache of Internet domain name servers
; (e.g. reference this file in the "cache . <file>"
; configuration file of BIND domain name servers).
; This file is made available by InterNIC registration services
; under anonymous FTP as
; file /domain/named.root
; -OR- under Gopher at RS.INTERNIC.NET
; under menu InterNIC Registration Services (NSI)
; submenu InterNIC Registration Archives
; file named.root
; last update: Nov 8, 1995
; related version of root zone: 1995110800
; formerly NS.INTERNIC.NET