Top 100 Nameservers (Serving the most Domains)

Rusty H. Hodge wrote:

> It's not entirely clear what your data source is; I
> guess it's the zone files for the domains currently under InterNIC's
> administration, yes?

Sorry, I left out an important "What this report is" section.

It is the top 100 nameservers serving .com, .net and .org domains.

I know this is nanog, but there's more to the Internet than .com, .net and

Any chance of next level domains under .(net|or|org|co|com|etc).<country>
and .<country> (for those that dont use (or|org|co|com) distinctions)
being included in the same count? You'll see a number of these servers
weighing in at 3 to 5 times these figures... (ie, there are servers
that make it into your Top 200 on .com, .net and .org alone, where
those domains only make up a minority of the domains delegated/served)

Interesting, nevertheless.

Earlier, Rusty H. Hodge wrote:

I've always been curious how well bind runs with 10,000+ domains in it.
That's one big named.boot file.

It runs fine. Takes a few minutes to fire up though :slight_smile: