Top 100 Nameservers (Serving the most Domains)

>From the June 7th Zone Files - Domains served by each nameserver... the Top

Er, better to say "second level domains served by each nameserver".

We strongly recommend our customers make use of third level domains
under, which is one of our domains. We have an additional
1154 domains registered as third level domains for people who don't
really "need" a vanity, second level domain. In our opinion, most
people don't really need a vanity domain, and are quite well served
with a third level domain. I'm even cocky enough to think we're
helping preserve namespace this way. :slight_smile:

I've always been curious how well bind runs with 10,000+ domains in it.
That's one big named.boot file.

Use bind 8.1, and split up your named.conf file into multiple
included sections. :slight_smile:

Rusty Hodge <>, San Francisco

Matt Petach