Too much time on my hands

Having problems dealing with those huge log files? A new util called
'squeeze' might be just what you need.

Today i released the first version of Squeeze, which is an application
that will compress any file of any size down to five bytes (plus the
length of the pathname of the file). This is far superior to what
'infozip' and 'gzip' can do.

The code is free and carries no restrictions at all. Download it from

Note: I've had a bit of trouble with the uncompress function, but i
expect to have that worked out in a few days.


There is a real patent on a compression method that reduces any bitstring
by one bit, and can be called recursively. We used to reference it as an
example of absurd patents issued by the patent office. That patent didn't
refer to a decompression method, either. I can't remember the patent
number offhand, though.