Tomatoes for Verisign at NANOG 29

But, done politely, without the traditional throwing part.

Taking the tomatoes to the front of the room would be
disruptive to the meeting. I suggest that people keep
the tomato at their table and hold them in the air
when the Verisign people are introduced and again at
the end of the talk when they are thanked for their
presentation. That gives the opportunity for a photo.

And I suggest that if anyone does throw a tomato, the
meeting organizers should have hotel security eject them
and should ban the person from ever attending another
NANOG. This is all about responsible protest and since
this group of people has control of a very critical
piece of infrastructure, we have to show restraint and
demonstrate that we are responsible individuals.

You have to give Verisign some props for having the balls to present at
NANOG...and those props should be in the form of not chasing them from


room with angry threats and pitchforks.

Please remember that the people presenting for
Verisign probably didn't have any say in the decision
to insert wildcards and their jobs could be at
risk if they openly disagree with Verisign's actions.
Don't hassle them, they are only the messengers.
But if you have a good job opening in your company,
then get the word out to these people and to their
colleagues who did not attend NANOG.

--Michael Dillon