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Microsoft plugs up critical holes in Windows
RIAA cracks down on Internet2 file-swapping
Phishing twist relies on bogus blogs
Spammers latch on to pope's death
Rules aimed at digital misdeeds lack bite
Loophole found in Internet domain name registration process
Italian smut virus scammer jailed for 14 months
Ethernet forum plots death of SONET?
Cisco Security Advisory: Crafted ICMP Messages Can Cause
  Denial of Service
Netcraft: Rackspace Most Reliable Hosting Company Site
  during March
ClaraNet Agrees to Buy VIA.Net Works
MCI board seeking a higher bid?
LexisNexis Finds 59 Possible Data Theft Cases
From the "most-obvious-conflict-of-interest" dept -- Ridge
  Says RFID Boosts Security
Tech job cuts hit 5-quarter high
From the "made-me-laugh" dept -- Linux report stirs
  hornets� nest
Shutting Down the Highway to Internet Hell

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Let's hope the people who decide then stop doing silly things like removing the UDLD properties of 1GE with autoneg when they create new technologies like 10GE.