Tishman Neutral Exchange space


There is a new carrier neutral exchange space opening up December 1st
at 165 Halsey in Newark, NJ. This space will be operated by Tishman Hotel & Realty LP :


I am thinking of moving into there and I would be curious to hear feedback from
anyone with experience in being in a Tishman operated exchange space.

I think that replies should be off-list, please.


I've not seen the finished product, though I am familiar with its
development. This is basically an annex of the building's meet-me
area on the 9th floor.

Depending on your specific reach objectives and density, you might
find that a successful deployment in this building hinges on a build
to both the Equinix suite on 8 (which is rich in carriers), and the
MMR 9 (which has fewer carriers, but has some not built out to 8, and
more favorable economics on cross-connection when amortized over a
multi-year term).

I hold a high regard for the building and its landlord as a whole.
Just be careful at night...