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Looking for opinions and experience on Tiscali IP network performance within
Europe and out of Europe i.e. North America on the whole..
I have heard mixed reports, but am looking for information from those with
first-hand experience either on transit or peering level.

Would they be classed in top-three performing networks in Europe (recent
bandx report gave them #1 spot)? If not what are you recommendations on
reaching the largest amount of eyeballs on a very stable network primarily
in Europe.

I think Telia is one of the better European networks. It seems they
have low-latency links to everyone and everywhere in .eu

Keep in mind though that both Telia and Tiscali refuse to peer with
smaller providers on the European exchanges.

It's probably a good idea to check if the provider you want to
use has an open peering policy as well as a large network if you
really want the best performance.

For example, AMS-IX Amsterdam lists
all members of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, and their
peering policy.