Tiscali switches to Public-Root?? What do you think?

"www.really-cool.alt. Now fix your systems so I can access it"

The poor guy/gal at the other end of the line will need a really good

"Looks like your friend has been duped by some domain hijackers/phishers
exploiting a DNS security hole. We've kept you safe from that perhaps
your friend would like to move to us rather than the insecure ISP"

Not to mention the answers we need for the market droids...

"Hey, I heard that Tiscali is offering more Internet than us at no
extra cost, and they make a lot of money on it too. How soon can we
start doing the same?"

"I hear you can buy .tiscali for $1M so all our users plus
some others will get our site instead of theirs. Unfortunately
the same scam means a bunch of other people have .telenor"

This puts a lot of pressure on other European ISPs, and eventually
also North American ISPs (to make this on-topic :slight_smile: I hope the rest of
us can stand together against it.

The rot started when icann hijacked . and started selling
pointless gtlds, it's not surprising others want to do the