Tips on dealing with illicit BGP announcements

I am working with a client that has recently purchased and transferred an IPv4 block.

Sometime in between when the purchase and research was done and when the transfer was actually complete, an entity in Asia started illicitly announcing a larger block that includes the block in question. They even have gotten an RADB entry in place for it.

Does anyone have some tips on how to deal with this? I have a feeling that dealing directly with the offending entity will not be very fruitful.


Adding a route object in RADB doesn’t need to verify ownership of the IP block.

You can send a removal request to RADB admins and their upstream, they will be glad to remove it.

I second the ease on contacting RADB. They are very easy to work with in cases like this. Have done it several times over the past few months.

Justin Wilson

The primary thing that you need to do is to create ROAs of your block allowing only your ASN as Origin.

Second, as Siyuan and Justin mentioned, get in touch with Merit RADB.
They are great! If you do the full job right in the first e-mail, presenting the allocation of the RIR and the transfer, they solve at the first interaction.

And, beyond asking RADB to remove the wrong route objects, you need to create your correct route objects.
You can use any IRR that is replicated with RADB… But RADB is a de-facto standard.