anyone else who see routing problems (some sites unreachable, lags in
traceroutes etc.) through Tinet (former Tiscali/AS3257)?


We have been getting reports of issue.

Daniel Faubel
Net2EZ - Managed Data Centers
Network Manager
310-426-9933 x1 NOC
310-426-9933 x110 Direct

We have transport and transit with them all through North America and
currently we do not see any issues. Latency all across their network is
within normal parameters.

Perhaps clarify where you are having issues?

Ryan Werber
Epik Networks

Some hosting we have in Paris was hit by an outage between 0100 GMT and
  0800 GMT which seemed to be related to a software upgrade at Tinet. The
  affected path was between Copenhagen (TDC) and Galacsys/AS28855, via
  former Tiscali.


Ryan Werber (RWerber) writes: