Time Warner Cable issues in Ohio ?

We're seeing some strange issues with our fiber connection to TWC in Ohio. Intermittent packet loss to/from some IPs.

It gets as specific as from a certain IP outside our network, packets to a.b.c.10 are fine, but pings to a.b.c.50 (same subnet of same netblock) lose ~75% of the packets.

Likewise, from one of our IPs, connections are fine to a particular remote host, but not to another host on the same network.

Connections to/from some other IPs (and some whole networks) are totally fine.

It almost seems that some piece of gear somewhere is barfing on packets that have a particular set of bits in the source and/or destination address.

We have manually failed over to a backup connection, and are 100% fine now.

I just want to see if anyone has seen anything similar, or has any info. I am on hold now waiting for someone at TWC.


Sounds very much like an issue with a link aggregation.
Seen this a couple of times with various carriers...apparently
monitoring lag's isnt a top priority nowadays.
Try to find out which hop is causing the problems (do multiple
traceroute's or use mtr on affected and unaffected servers) and drop TWC
a mail.

LACP somewhere with a partial link failure?

-- Pete