tiers. A measurement tool.

Clearly the definition of tiers varies over time. I think that the
tools needed to "measure" the current tier-ness of providers are:

a) a full bgp table (not just a full route table... if net FOO appears
   behind AS3561, AS1239 and AS1 then you want all three entries).
b) a suitably large group of companies whose net access depends on how
   you extract a route table from the full bgp table
c) a stopwatch
d) a phone

The procedure is basically to eliminate an AS from getting in the
route table and timing how fast the phone rings. Then you just need a
scale, something like this

0 - 2 minutes: Tier 1
2 - 10 minutes: Tier 2

In some cases you can replace the stopwatch with a calendar.

You can flesh out this methodology with extras like frequency of calls,
duration of calls, language used in the calls, whether you are threatened
or not, whether your family is threatened, etc.

This technique has been used by some service providers
by way of their peering strategy.


Worldcom has done it again, they just had a major fiber cut in IL

Nathan Stratton President, NetRail,Inc.

Worldcom has done it again, they just had a major fiber cut in IL

Do they have dedicated teams going around and cutting their own fiber?
Or did you mean something different with the "Worldcom has done it again?"



overheard from the Worldcom FiberCut team:
backhoe -- check
worldcom network map - check
construction crew gear and costumes -- check

Let's get to work boys!


Makes you think we should produce a line of apparrel advertising the
competing Fibercut teams of the world....

I can just see it... coveralls, beerstained T-shirts, drool splatters...