Perhaps my brevity got the better of me. I should have said something like
"any thoughts on whether the migration of this 'news' into the 'mainstream'
media will eventually result in some sort of y2k like 'panic' and will that
'panic', if it comes to pass, have operational impact?"

If the mainstream can sell more papers/get more viewers then in all likelyhood, yes.

It's going to go down *exactly* like Y2K did - there will be a lot of hype,
some sites won't notice because they saw the problem coming a decade ago and
did the right thing back then, a lot of sites will try to get moving and find
that their schedules are shot because third-party vendors don't have their shit
together, a lot of sites are going to have engineers burning the midnight oil
in a hurry because they dragged their feet, almost everybody will get hit by
unexpected legacy glitches, 5 years from now the general populace will be
asking what all the fuss was about, and a decade from now, we'll still be
finding little "surprises" in our code base.