Are you ready for the big Internet crunch? -

shocking news!

Wow. A news story about the depletion of IP addresses? Shocking, since this is the first I've personally heard about this. I can't believe that this has never once even been brought up on NANOG, cisco-nsp, juniper-nsp, ARIN PPML, ARIN Discuss, or any other telecommunications list to which most of us subscribe.

In other news, I understand that the Americans have won their independence from England? Did anyone else know this?


* Sorry for the snarkiness, it's just that posts like this ignite flame wars between those unwilling to spend the trivial cost for IPv6 addresses and those who are pushing for IPv6. Instead, it's obviously more cost-effective to spend *hours* reading and writing multiple arguments against IPv6 than it is to just implement it.

Not any different then when Bob Metcalf predicted the Internet would melt down in the late 1990's and looked like a fool when it never happened! Even though I don't disagree IP4 address are rapidly getting used up, most of us on this list have the "know how" and tenacity to work through current and future problems. I think a lot of people like to claim the sky is falling sooner rather then later.

In other news, I understand that the Americans have won their independence from England? Did anyone else know this?

Is Texas still part of Mexico ? Don't know how to fill the ARIN forms ...


I like the personal title:

"Daniel Karrenberg, IP address expert"

I like the personal title:
"Daniel Karrenberg, IP address expert"

humility is always touching

Disgraceful scaremongery, CCN should be ashamed.

I am guessing that once the Obama Administration has taken control of
this public utility, all of the problems will be resolved.

I for one will be afraid to use it.

Have we?

CNN too. Does anybody take them seriously? Watch them?

Are you ready for the big Internet crunch? -

Disgraceful scaremongery, CCN should be ashamed.

Why should CNN be ashamed? They're quoting a thoroughly bone-headed
statement from someone in a position where he should know better.

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Somebody should do something!

Don't worry. Obama will appoint a bipartisan committee to investigate which will report back in two years. Congress will hold hearings. A bill will be proposed to tax IP addresses.

And ensure access to IP addresses by the homeless. The are also
rumblings about taking portions of 10/8 and making a national IP address
preserve where the addresses must remain unused and in their natural
state while a monument to 196.168/16 is planned for the lobby of UN
Headquarters in New York. It is hoped that the 10/8 IPs in reserve will
return to their original state despite the hard use they have
experienced over recent decades. But beware, North Korea has been
issuing counterfeit ARIN IP addresses and some third world countries
have been found to be trafficking in 0/8 which is extremely dangerous.
Addresses recently imported by ARIN from APNIC have been found to
actually be 127/8 IPs that have simply had the original numbers scraped
off and new numbers so skillfully applied that it is difficult to tell
them from the original. Be careful out there.

Where does one get an IP address degree?

We started deploying IPv6 in testbed mode on our production network in 1997,
so we're waiting for the rest of you slackers to get caught up. :slight_smile:

pssst ...

Anybody wanna buy a block of 240 ... I got /8s, /16s, /24s, even a /32 if you want just one to "frame" ... or you can have the whole 240/4 for such a deal
No guarantees they will work, but they are one of those {soon to be rare} unassigned IPv4 addresses you've heard so much about

& it took only 11 years for the USG to catch up:


Certainly no news for people on this list I would hope. :wink:

My objective when talking to reporters who write for the *business*
section is to project that mere awareness is not good enough anymore for
businesses; businesses need to have a plan. For you all on this list
this should help the next time you talk to the suits who decide about
strategy and investments
... independently of which particular strategy you are going to recommend.

The non-technical press always simplifies and exaggerates; this is a
fact of life. I am sure all of us evaluate news stories based on the
source. It is fine if you say to the suits "this is exaggerated, let's
......", just make the right decision. :wink: This reporter did a very
reasonable job considering the space he has to operate in.

Daniel Karrenberg

IP address expert
Not my words, but not wrong either.
contributions: RFC2050/BCP012, RFC1918/BCP005, address policies in RIPE region ...
founding CEO of first RIR

"Prediciting the future is easy..., getting it right is the dificult part."

The same place anything of value is found - Wall St.

They are creating CIPO's - Collateralized IP Obligations. They will
create a market so people "borrow" IP addresses, the people who loan
the IP addresses can hedge to insure they will get them back, then
they can trade the obligations and there will soon be trillions of IP4
addresses on paper. There will be liquidity in the IP market. We are
not running out, we need liquidity, that's all.

Bruce Williams