Those interested in NANOG governance, please read...

> as co-moderator, i'd like all remote questions/comments to come via
> irc, and not via the speakerphone. audio engineers take note --
> mute all "other ends" plz.

Paul, this is the reason I suggested an audio hybrid=>ata-186 for
patching the audio to INOC. It doesn't matter if the people on the
conference bridge are screaming their heads off... Unless the output
of the hybrid is connected to the PA system, they're not going to be
heard at the NANOG end.

ok, so, if an audio engineer brings an ATA186 and wires it up to the PA
system, and if jared can get us a pstn+sipurl+inocdba confrm in time,
that'll all be just fine. folks on the concall will hopefully all mute,
so as to not have to listen to eachother's typing, breathing, and so on.