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To Whom It May Concern:


I'm a staff writer for Computerworld, the trade weekly based in Framingham, Mass. I am seeking, as soon as possible, a list of those companies or organizations or individuals who have proof of payment for a domain name granted by Network Solutions of Herndon, Va., but who lost the right to the name for whatever reason. I've heard of a couple of examples of people paying for a name, only to lost it because of a clerical error at NSI.

The purpose of this request is to judge if there are more than a few affected by the this problem for a story I am considering writing to be published in Computerworld. I can accept anonymous comments, but obviously I'm interested also in talking on the record by telephone to those parties affected. I may be seeking further proof of the problem as well, although I will respect the privacy of anybody requesting it (but again: without some names and details, I don't have a story).

You can call me at 508-820-8567 and leave a message or e-mail me at


Matt Hamblen, staff writer