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I don't want to start an arms race with the spam callers, I want to
end it. That means: jump directly to something they can't easily

It is at this point that I am reminded of the wisdom of former FTC
Commissioner Orson Swindle, who was testifying before Congress on
the subject of spam when he said "We need a couple of good hangings here."
It was true in 2003 (which is I believe when he said it) and it's still
true now. Fines, whatever they are, will be evaded and bargained down,
companies will be dissolved and reconstituted, money will be laundered,
and the problem will persist.


The problem in 2003 is that we didn't have any way to get to "beyond a reasonable doubt". That persists with P-ASSERTED-IDENTITY and what is happening is exactly what I said to all of them would happen back in the day.