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Irwin Lazar <> quoted an article saying

"In less than 48 hours many of us will be installing Tiger OS-X and with it a
brand new Safari browser that can read and display RSS feeds in a simple easy
to understand manner. That upgrade while great for the consumers, could come
as a big shocker for those blogs whose feeds are included as part of Safari�s
default starter package. Infact it could be the biggest stress test for RSS
thus far!"

a) that's OS-X Tiger. :p~~~

b) The Biggest Stress Test For RSS Thus Far?

Okay, let's get a handle on things here. RSS is XML over HTTP; nothing more.
As long as the HTTP infrastructure can handle the traffic, and as long as the
server can handle the big spike in HTTP requests, I see no reason why this
should be a big deal, and I see even less reason why the article cites the
event as a defining event for RSS. (It's not.)

Some food for thought:

Just ate lunch, but thanks anyway.