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I'm working on the netlantis project which offers to the public a set of
tools regarding the global routing status. Netlantis has multiple so called
NRC (Netlantis Route Collectors) which have eBGP multihop sessions with
different ISPs around the world in order to collect their full BGP routing

Netlantis is a non-commercial and independent project.

I would be very interested to have one or more RouteCollector(s) in the NA
region. Would anyone be able to sponsor this? I would need something like a
P3 >= 500Mhz with at least 256Mb of RAM running FreeBSD 4.8 and its
colocation. This RouteCollector would then be dedicated to NA peers.

The sponsor will get a little text, logo and link on the Netlantis page.

for more informations see

Example of what netlantis can do:

netlantis is still looking for a main sponsor which would provide and host
the central server. If you're interested in sponsoring the main server, let
me know.