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Nanog-17 attendees,

As co-host for NANOG-17, we hope to make your stay in Montreal
a memorable one. We are planning a few activites to take place
during the pre-NANOG weekend.

Hopefully many of you will be flying in a day or two early to
get a chance to see our beautiful 357 year old city, with its
french culture and unique attractions.

Due to the large number of attendees, I would appreciate
some quick feedback on interest on the following activities so
that we may book enough spaces and transportation for each

Visit: Teleglobe International Network Operations Center, Sunday
morning and after tutorials on Sunday. This is a futuristic NOC
complete with giant sized video screens, etc.... FREE 10am, 11am, 6pm.

Fun: Indoor all-weather Go-Karting (9 horsepower go-karts, the most
powerful available indoors). Includes overalls, helmet, computerized
timing, warm-up, qualifications and final race. Three sessions
totalizing 30 minutes of driving time. Podium with trophies and/or
medals, etc.... 9pm to midnight on Sunday night. Cost: $35 CDN ($24 USD)
per person, free transportation courtesy of Nortel Networks.

More fun: Informal pub crawl for Saturday night. Visits to pubs/clubs on
Crescent street and Old Montreal. Pay-you-own-beer.

Night life: If the weather is good and there is enough interest, visit
to Montreal's rooftop nightclub, Altitude 737 (awesome view, and you get to
walk on the roof of Montreal's tallest building, which also houses one of
the world's most powerful rotating searchlights). Saturday night, modest
cover charge (about $10 CDN). Pay-your-own-drinks.

Outdoors: if enough people are interested and the weather cooperates,
climbing (hiking, really) of Mont St-Hilaire, nice 1000 foot or so
mountain about 30 minutes east of Montreal. Free transportation. SATURDAY.

Email me directly so that I may evaluate demand for each activity.

We'll be putting up an e-commerce web site early next week to
book the Go-Karts.

Pascal Gosselin
Mlink Internet