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Christian & NANOG in general:

Our apologies for the BGP problem. We turned down our peering with UUNET
today due to serious routing problems in Raleigh NC. When our NOC
personnel reestablised the peering, they failed to utilize the peer-group
that includes all of our outbound route filtering. Additional
documentation and training will be implemented Monday - in the interim any
BGP alterations will be performed by Backbone Engineering.

We will audit our RA entries and verify that all of our routing data is
present and correct.

Tim McKee, Chief Technology Officer
Info Avenue Internet Services, LLC

And which every provider should do. We have seen many issues over the past
couple of years where some provider had sent some type of incorrect route.
This wasn't an attack on infowave we have seen bigger problems, ie 7007.

This has been talked about at nanog so I am sure that everyone knows the
pros/cons(?) on using the RA.


This has been talked about at nanog so I am sure that everyone knows the
pros/cons(?) on using the RA.

Are there any cons to it for a small multi-homed ISP?

Also, I noticed Genuity does this on all their 'as-in' rules:

aut-num: AS3847
as-name: ASN-GENUITY
descr: Genuity Inc a Bechtel Company
as-in: AS293 1 AS-ESNETUS AND NOT {}
as-in: AS568 1 AS568 AND NOT {}
as-in: AS1746 1 AS-DRANET AND NOT {}
as-in: AS2551 1 AS-NETCOM AND NOT {}
I don't see any harm in it, yet I don't see lots of other people doing it
in my random sampling.

Also who actually uses the RA? What are the filter policies (in general)
of those who don't? I ask as I'm going to bring some new space up next
week and I'd be curious to see if I'll be invisible to anyone...



I've updated my entries in my nocs list with all the pending
updates. If your update is not there, then it did not show up
in my most recent check:

select ikey,ispname from contact where valid="N";

  Which means it's pending human intervention.

  Feel free to check out my nocs list, and add/update any
incorrect or out of date information.

  As always, recommendations and/or feedback are welcome.

  - Jared