This may be stupid but..

Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 17:16:46 -0500
From: "Fisher, Shawn" <>

If this question is inappropriate for this list I apoligize in advance.

Tangential matter is the lifeblood of all mailing lists.


My question, what is the most effective way to recruit quality engineers?
Does anyone have experience or opinions to share?

Word of mouth, friends-of-friends, the jungle drum. Not recruiters,
at least if you're looking for capital-I Internet people. In my last
job the company used several recruitment agencies in trying to fill
its vacancies, but we never got anything even remotely suitable as
far as Internet engineers went.

It may be that you can find a recruiter that will actually listen to
both you as well as potential candidates, but all the ones I've dealt
with haven't progressed beyond checkbox sorting -- any CV that doesn't
score 9 out of 10 checkboxes (CCblah, etc) on the top of page 1 go
straight in the bin. And some don't even go to that lenght of effort.
Ask for a Network Engineer and they'll drown you in "Excellent MCSE, very
strong, superior skills" type CVs.

Go to NANOG (or RIPE in Europe) and possibly IETF meetings, and
schmoooooooze ...

  -- Per

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