This may be stupid but..

by coincidence, trying to stay ahead of my three tropical cyclones (two of
whom are autistic, the "why" in why i'm a stay-at-home parent), in a bundle
of health/school/welfare papers to parse, my rejection from good old time
warner cable of maine (hq'd about 15 minutes from my door) fell out and on
to the floor.

brenda buck, hr sup, wished me well in my job search, and cc'd christy
tibbetts, dir. hr, as unfortunately, they did not have any available
positions in my area of interest, and declined to retain my resume to boot.

when you go to agencies -- in house (tw/maine) or external, you get their
view of the world. i won't bore anyone with a clue'd user's view of tw/m,
it is simply yet-another-marginally-functional-isp, with b/w as its only
value prop, gratis muni-monopoly cable plant.

is there a gold standard in hr outfits? we're not the sweet spot in the
market, so their idea of "gold" is corporate-intra-net, ms-foo, cisco-bar,
and maybe some crm people skills. i'd be happier with cwa organizing us and
going the labor hall route.

have fun.