the whole world disappeared?

Anyone have details on AT&T tkt# 841-302-457?

Apparently 75% of all Canada/US cross-border just fell over and died.
I've got Frame and T's *and* 800/888 voice circuits that just went for a
nosedive. Nobody's saying squat.

Anyone with a clue or ETA? Who dropped a bomb or something? Is it just
AT&T? I tried Sprint and MCI's NOCs; they are both also "experiencing
heavy call volume" and that might be a clue it's bigger than just one IXC.

And I wanted to go home on time (ie. before midnight). Sheesh. I know, I
know, it's my fault -- I chose this as a career :-))

Anyone with a clue, drop us a note?


PS: yes, yes, this really should have gone to outage-discuss. Sorry...

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I just heard "all of AT&T's PVC's died worldwide" -- this should be fun.

Just AT&T from what I've heard.


I noticed that all PSI Canada/Istar traffic dropped off the planet todya.
I changed accounts and it would appear Sprint was able to stay alive....