The US government has betrayed the Internet. We need to take it back

There only options are to:

Disobey the law, unacceptable in my opinion

Close down services, noble but I need to eat and you probably want to
keep getting email

Compromise your principles and obey the law, the path often choosen.

This has been known for years so why the sudden list spam

Calea in Canada goes into full force jan 1 2014 and yes it was meant to stop pedo bears but it is much farther reaching

I'm sorry if you don't share my view. Personally I think the Patriot Act is unconsitutional
and CALEA is a tool to enable the total invasion of privacy. I think
the laws need changed, I want to change. That said I will not break them and neither will you.

How would/does your company respond to NSLs or subpoenas? Do you comply with
FCC 499 requirements and with CALEA requirements? I do, and I'm betting you will to.

Does it suck? Yea of course it does but unless you have a better plan for a US based provider
I will keep doing what I'm doing.