The .SUCKS TLD saga continues

Okay. You guys all asked for it. Robert Sexton over at ORSC will be adding
it to his fold and dns will be served out of here. I will be setting up a
"registration" page this weekend to request domains probably out of my site. No fees planned. I would just like to be able to
email anyone about changes. If it grows very large, I will set up a whois
server for it and an availability check. Since there has been some
commercial interest in .sucks domains, I will probably be changing the
password access by next Monday and lock down the domain indexing a little

In the meantime, you can introduce the following lines in your cache file if
you don't use ORSC:

sucks. 86400 IN NS
sucks. 86400 IN NS

If you would like a ".suck" or ".sucks" domain in the meantime, email me
with your request and contact information. If you want the domain to point
to your own nameservers, please be sure to provide the nameserver