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The two perspectives I didn't bring up (hoping someone else
  would/will) are:

  o How does the NSF support/activity impact content and connections
    to the NAPs (and to a far lesser extent the MAEs, and the random
    XPs popping up everywhere [which I feel are a geat idea {but I
    won't keep rambling}]).

  o In the freedom-of-speech world, it is my understanding that
    there are significant precedents set that say once a body exhibits
    ANY editorial control, they are then responsible for all content.
    [of course, not exhibiting control doesn't insure that one isn't

  Of course, in a purely objective, idealistic world, I'd agree and
  support Avi's assertions.


......... Avi Freedman is rumored to have said:
] > Hmm.....
] >
] > NAP operators making judgement about content... Hmm... I wonder
] > if there are any applicable precedents here...
] >
] > -alan
] Sure... "It's ours and we set the rules."
] As far as I know, rules aren't even available for the MAEs from MFS,
] and the Pennsauken agreement speaks only in generalities about what
] one's not supposed to do routing-wise...
] Avi