The root nameservers will be replaced August 1st

You are correct in stating that servers are collocated at the exchange
points. However, their collocation and their associated application
(route database server) are sanctioned by the NSF as part of NSF
Solicitation 93-52. It would be a grievous error to assume that any NAP
operator would want to take on the responsibilities of securing a DNS
root server, ensure its availability and take the associated hits.


Again, speaking hypothetically, I wasn't talking about having the NAP
operator take responsibility. But if someone wanted to get co-lo space
and pay the ethernet or fddi or atm or ... charge and maintain the machine,
what issues would there be?

Well, you obviously wouldn't let someone just put a web server on the
NAP IP space, since most everyone in the world has a route to that
block (usually a /24)...

So probably the "community" or the exchange point operator would have
to feel comfortable that the machine being put at the exchange point
was of a community service.