The root nameservers will be replaced August 1st

Subject: Re: The root nameservers will be replaced August 1st
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 22:43:38 -0700
From: Paul A Vixie <>

> If the information in the following message means what I think it means in
> then somebody is colocating an entire new set of root nameservers at
> exchange points within the USA if not internationally.

Yes. However, we are expecting exchange point operators to show some kind
of common sense, which means asking the IANA before they sign onto such a

I would like to think that, at lease in a general sense, the exchange
point operators will not ask their customers what type of traffic
the customer expects to transmit across an exchange point. Granted,
connecting a host to an exchange point might warrant greater scrutiny
than connecting a network....

More interestingly, if someone wants to create an alternative set of
root servers, there is no particularly good reason for them to be located
at exchange points, (unless I am confused about what networks are all
about...). True, servers at exchange points should exhibit greater
availability, but that is probably not the largest challenge faced by
alternative root servers.