The Qos PipeDream [Was: RE: Two Tiered Internet]


You can 'see' anything you'd like, buy your reality
does not match everyone else's -- my opinion, of course.

QoS is a myth -- it doesn't exist.

What you're obviosuly trying to tell us is that less-than-best-
effort is somehow good? Never sell it.

This vein will come back and bite you guys who think like this.

- ferg

What I'm interested in is how the two service
providers will build a two tiered Internet.

The PSTN is tiered both in architecture and operation.
Switching hiearchies and a seperate SS7 network which
is basically a billing network.

I think the thought is service levels vs. congestion control.
For example, CO's have call overflow mechanisms to tandem switch
points which basically seek out excess capacity and use it as
overflow for call termination if and when possible.

I could see an internet hiearchy where preferred traffic was
switch onto hicap overflow links with controlled congestion and
other traffic, non premium traffic, "got a fast busy".