the promised text

To: Vadim Antonov <>
I loaded the text on merits of ATM vs native IP routing
to the Pluris Inc's web server.
I'll also appreciate your comments.



I finally satisfied that someone who has a clue on IP and Internet has
written clearly on my favorite topic. Indeed, I do not dispute many of your
points regards route-flap and role of IX.

However, IMHO you have constructed a non-existent foe solely for the
purposes of argument. Specifically your statement:

   "The following ... argue that native IP routing is the only
    currently existing technology which can hold a global data
    network together."

This is a point that no one with a clue is disputing WRT Internet IP traffic.

Even though ATMnet has been delivering IP-over-ATM to commercial users
longer than any other provider, we never claim that the Internet should
exist *EXCLUSVELY* as ATM technology. Quite the contrary, we (and our
customers) see the technical and economic power of ATM technology in the
ability to support fully integrated services.

On the other hand, no one with a clue can dispute that we need to push for
better IP routing technologies, regardless of the L1/L2 medium used.

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