The off-topic thread

How to get your customers to use the right dial-up number is presumably on topic for NANOG. I know that when I worked for a dial-up ISP many years ago, it was frequently a big issue for our customers.

However, the more general topic of how to dial a phone call in various parts of North America is presumably something that NANOG readers who need to make phone calls in North America can figure out on their own, or for which they will at least be using references other than the NANOG archives. While comprehensive documentation of how to make phone calls from various locations all over the world might actually be quite useful, the NANOG list really isn't the place for it.

How dial plans should work really seems like a question for phone network operations list, although people on such a list would probably consider the question long since settled. NANOG is an Internet operations list, where we tend to deal with IP addresses and domain names rather than phone numbers.

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