the NIC? (Scott Williamson) writes:

  > Peter,
  > First someone must provide the definition for : What is a provider?
  > Do we just give a block to any one who said they are a provider?
  > This question has been batted around over and over with no answer. It
  > sound simple but we get some very small operation asking for their own
  > block. Shouldn't their current next level provider be involved to some
  > extent with these smaller operations?
  > Scott

FYI here is what we do at the RIPE NCC:

- We ask them for their own estimates on what they will need

  - immediately
  - within one year
  - within 2 years

  We ask for estimates whith some justification. This usually gives us some
  idea of what they are about.

- If the above does not give us enough information we will use any sources
  available to us.

- If we conclude that delegating a whole block is not justified at that point
  we will delegate part of a block. After all a block is not a
  physical quantum.

- Crucial: We always tell them more than once that this is just the initial
  procedure and once they come back with a report on how the first allocation
  was used they can readily get more address space.

Most importantly: We will, as a matter of policy, not get involved in any
discussion whatsoever about who is a provider and who is not.
This will just lead to fruitless discussions and cycles wasted.

Of course all providers are expected to contribute to the funding of the

Hope this helps