the Internet Backbone

From: Avi Freedman[]
Sent: Saturday, April 06, 1996 1:15 AM
To: Michael Dillon
Subject: Re: the Internet Backbone

> Are they an NSP?
> Do they operate their own national backbone?
> Can they provide national transit over their own network infrastructure?
> Do they interconnect with other NSP's who satisfy the previous two
> conditions at most of the public exchange points?

Where public exchange points == {MAE-East, MAE-West, Pennsauken, PacBell NAP,
Chicago NAP, and arguably the CIX router/cloud}.

And NSPISP, NXIX, STIX, HKIX, D-GIX, F-GIX, CIXP, LINX, etc. etc. etc.

No, the point is that {MCI, Sprint, ANS, UUNET, PSI, AGIS} would fail the
test if you include all of the other, smaller, public exchange points.