the Intercage mess

From Thu Sep 25 10:45:34 2008
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 08:42:22 -0700
From: "David W. Hankins" <>
Subject: Re: the Intercage mess

> John Bambenek wrote:

> shall we at least apply a veneer of civilization?

I think the current state of the art in civilized, peaceful,
extralegal negotiation of reasonable behaviour expected of businessmen
and their peers is a form of social ostracism given its name in 1880
when the Irish Land League bade everyone in Mayo county, Ireland not
to engage economically or otherwise with Captain Charles Boycott...a
land owner who had set his rent very high, and was evicting anyone who
deigned to complain of it (fully within his legal authority, but
outside the realms of what the people saw as reasonable).

If anyone can think of better, we'll have to call it "Intercaging".

If someone were to slap a light-hearted name on the matter, could that be
considered Atrivio-al mistake? *groan*