The Gorgon's Knot. Was: Re: Verio Peering Question

I have not see a solution that provides an answer to the need for robust,
high performance connectivity as well as multi-homing. Do you have an
alternative suggestion?

We would love your comments on the ones being proposed (in drafts)
or discussed (in list & list archives) in multi6, especially if
the mechanisms are portable to other header formats (e.g. ipv4,
where this is a pressing, current problem, rather than a barrier
to deployment or something that would be useful to solve "soonishly").

Indeed, if you have even pretty wild ideas about how to do it,
there's an audience for you that not only is amazingly polite
and reasonably focused, but is REALLY REALLY keen on having
real live operator input.


PS if you are a draft-author or know one, please look at my or my
   co-chair's nagging email about updates/fixes/last-calls as appropriate

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