the gauntlet is thrown

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

> ICANN told us to roll back the .COM/.NET zones to September 15 and stop
> making changes; so we deleted all domain names registered after September
> 15 and undid all changes.

Given that ICANN is using the clauses in their contract with VeriSlime
to demand the removal of the wildcards, I suspect that any such move
by VeriSlime would trigger Bad Legal Things for VeriSlime.

VeriSlime might do lots of bad things....

But, I doubt it would take all that long for armed federal
knuckledraggers with a federal court order to show up at their
door, if push comes to shove.... ICANN/DOC may well have been
to see His Honor already in an ex-parte hearing.

(We would not even need Tom Ridge; just tell Ashcroft there are
pictures of nekked wimmen involved and he'll lead the charge.)