the gauntlet is thrown

Scott Bradner writes:

* ( [Fri 03 Oct 2003, 16:47 CEST]:
> This is a return volly. The service in this match was three
> weeks ago.

So the question is now, who has who by the jugulars in this threesome
between ICANN, VeriSign and the Internet technical community? Or worded
even more clearly, who controls/owns who - VeriSign ICANN and the
Internet, or we ICANN and therefore VeriSign enough to not matter?

  -- Niels.

  as I understand it:
  the "internet technical community" has no part in this matter. (*)
  there are a series of interlocking MOUs/CRADAs/Contracts between
  ICANN/USDOC/Verisign that cover a range of topics, some of which
  include the on-going care/feeding of .com and .net. (*) we get
  to watch this match from the sidelines.

(*) as a community (technical and otherwise) we do get to "vote" with our
    editors or in conjuntion w/ our vendors. with enough disgust/distaste
    it is possible either lie to ones self and ones customers/clients about
    what has been done (aka the BIND patch), to abandon .com/.net (easier
    said than done), let mob-rule anoint others to be the authoritative
    source for .com/.net. -or- accept the changes and get on w/ life.

  pick one of the four.