the future of the net

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Same here.

    --Steven M. Bellovin, Steven M. Bellovin

Thought provoking article and the consumer side of the 'net is already
heading there i.e. no VPN on many 'broadband' lines unless you pay for
'business' CoS (which I do). Does anyone here remember the Dow Jones
Information service in which you are billed by the minute AND the service
you access from a business point of view the consumer has had a 'free
ride' for too long and it's time to start charging for the access to
'content' and hopefully the content as well.

Nevermind that the unmetered pricing model facilitated the growth of the
'net to a point where it was 'commercially viable' all the wall street
model rewards is consistent growth quarter over quarter and with a finite
number of households eventually growth with slow and eventually stop now
the only way to facilitate growth will be to be 'bill by the byte'.

The fact that this model has been a commercial failure in the wireless
market in the US as the '3G services i.e. internet access. data transport
are too expensive at 0.05/cents kbyte even for most business as it is not
feasible to 'budget' your data needs.

The US will continue to fall further behind the rest of the world as the
business community attempts to monetize the innovations. Where the rest
of the world will continue to invent new stuff and at the current rate the
'Next Big Thing' will not be from the US.

                            Scott C. McGrath